Udder-Care Ointment


Each 1 g contains:

Camphor   10     mg
Povidone Iodine 36.5   mg
Eucalyptus Oil  10      mg
Ethanol  40      mg
Paraffin Oil    10      mg
Phenol      12.5   mg



-  Cases of udder fibrosis, and mastitis due to Staph, Strept and E.coli infections in Cattle, Horses, Sheep and Goats, beside, the disinfection of the skin and killing the bacteria in the infected area.

-  Cases of sprains, arthritis and muscular rheumatism.

After cleaning the infected area with warm water and soap, dry thoroughly, and

then apply the ointment daily until healing.

Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 30 ºC