Each 1 g contains:

Light Magnesium Carbonate              1,000 mg

- Cases of simple indigestion (Dyspepsia) and digestive upsets.

- As a detoxicant in cases of pastures’poisoning or feeding on rotten, poisonous plants or highly fermented grains.

- As a laxative and anti-flatulent in cases of constipation, grains over–feeding and impaction.

- As an antacid in cases of rumeno-reticular lactic acidosis, and gastric hyperacidity (sour stomach).

- As an adjunct in treatment of gastric ulceration.

- Cases of poisoning with acids or other acidic substances.

- As a source of Magnesium for preventive purposes against hypo-magnesaemia (Grass tetany).

Given as a drench or via stomach tube.

Mix thoroughly with water, and shake well before application.


Cattle, Camels and Equines:

100 - 150 g / head with 1-2 liters of drinking water.


Calves, Sheep and Goats:

40 g / head with 0.5 - 1 liter of drinking water.


Dogs and Cats:

5 - 10 g with sufficient amount of water.

As antacid, it is best given between meals and at night -time to dogs and cats.



1 g / Rabbit given with water.


-  As a preventive source of Magnesium against Grass tetany:

It is given with feed at rate of (15) gm daily / Sheep, Goat or Calf, and (60) gm daily / Cattle, during the period of risk.

-  As a carminative and antacid:

Sodium Bicarbonate (1.5 gm per 10 kg bodyweight) may be added to the Light Magnesium Carbonate dose.


Emetics should not be used in case of poisoning with acids.

Milk: 12 hours.

Store at temperature below  30˚C.