Brobait 2 (Granules)


Brobait is a rodenticide contains 0.005 % (w/w) Brodifacoum  in the form of granules.

Indirect anticoagulant, inhibits the Vitamin k-dependent steps in synthesis of clotting factors II, VII, IX AND X. .

-  Used to kill rodents after few days without pain (4-5 days after eating a piece). Therefore no repulsion action from the bait, also these wax blocks are attractive to rodents.

-   Control rodents those are resistant to anticoagulants.

-   Could be used to control rodents in the field.

-   Not affected by different environmental conditions such as humidity and high temperature.


Application rate


100 grams of granules is placed in places rats over and around the caches and the whereabouts of their diet



Placed 25 g of the granules around the infected areas and corridors next to its progress and the areas where their diet