Metrozin 70


Selective systemic Herbicide  contains 70% (w/w) Metribuzin in the form of wettable powder.

Selective systemic herbicide, absorbed predominantly by the roots, but also by the leaves, with translocation acropetally in the xylem. Selectivity is due to metabolism (mostly conjugation) within the plant.

Metrozin 70 WP: Selective systemic herbicide used as Pre- and post-emergence control of many grasses and broad-leaved weeds in potatoes and tomatoes.

Metrozin 70 WP: added to soil as pre emergence treatment to control early stages of weed growth for long period of time.

Metrozin 70 WP: absorbed by the roots, with translocation acropetally in the xylem. And act as photosynthetic inhibitor, so humid soil and warm condition increase the efficiency in controlling weeds. 



Application Rate



Pre and post emergence

10 -15 gm/20 liter water in fine soil

15 -20 gm/20 liter water in Medium soil

20 gm/20 liter water in Course soil

42 days


Used as ore planting (only used in open field )

Pre emergence: only when weed appear after transplanting

Post emergence: in stage of 4-6 leaves

10 gm/20 liter water in fine soil

15gm/20 liter water in Medium & Coarse soil

42 days