2,4-D Ester


Post-emergence selective herbicide  contains 41.1% (w/v) 2،4-D Acid equivalent to 62.0% isooctyl ester in the form of emulsifiable concentrate .

Selective systemic herbicide readily absorbed by the foliage then it translocate and accumulate at the meristemic region of shoots and

roots . Acts as growth inhibitor .

2,4-D Ester: selective systemic herbicide used as post- emergence  control of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds

2,4-D Ester: readily absorbed by the plant, and have strong effect on weeds at low doses .



Application rate

Direction of use

Wheat , barley

Broad leaved weeds after planting

40- 150 ml/ 10 lit water

When the crop reach 10- 15 cm, before tillering

Pome fruit & stone fruit orchards

Broad leaved weeds

40- 150 ml/ 10 lit water

Spray directly on weed between trees

( spot treatment)

Non crop land ( road side, non planted areas)

Undesirable perennial and non- perennial plants

40- 150 ml/ 10 lit water

Mixed with diesel and spray on weeds the low dose for annual weed and higher dose for perennial