Oxyteravet Aerosol



Each container contains:

Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride  5 gm

OXYTETRAVET Aerosol indicated for the treatment and control of Foot rot, Digital dermatitis, Udder’s teat, Lips and all skin infections, skin burns, post surgical infections and excoriations caused by oxytetracycline – sensitive organisms in cattle, sheep and all animal species.

OXYTETRAVET Aerosol suspension for topical use.

Shake well before use.

Remove any dead tissue dried secretions and debris from the infected site.

Spray the product onto the affected area for 1-2 seconds, at a distance of 15-20 cm, until an even distribution of the dye is obtained.

Repeat the treatment every 12 hours, until complete recovery.

Wash spray button with water in case of blockage.

For external use only.

Use only in a well ventilated area.

Do not spray in or near the eyes.

Operators should wear impervious  rubber gloves.

Wash any splashes immediately.

Wash hands after use.

People with known hypersensitivity to oxytetracycline should avoid  contact with this product

Meat: nil         Milk: nil

Store below 25°C.