Vitamin AD3E Forte


Each 1 ml contains:

       Vitamin A         500,000 IU

       Vitamin D3        75,000 IU

       Vitamin E          50 mg

It is used incase of delay in growth, rachitism,osteomalacia, muscular dystrophy, epithelium and mucosa disorders , miscarriages, premature deliveries, sexual abnormalities, tetanus, and convalescence processes.

Administered   by  intramuscular injection.

- Cattle and Horses : 2-5 ml per animal.

- Calves and Foals   : 0.5-2 ml per animal.

- Sheep and Goats : 0.5-1 ml per animal .

The treatment can be repeated after 8 days .

Renal and cardiac insufficiency.

Store in dark dry places below 30 ˚C