Sodium Iodide Inj


Each 1 ml contains:

Sodium Iodide  200 mg 

It is indicated for the treatment of Actinomycosis and Actinobacillosis (Lumpy Jaw, Wooden Tongue, and Necrotic Stomatitis) in Cattle and as an expectorant in mild respiratory disease in Cattle, Horses and Sheep.

Administered by intravenous injection only.

For Actinomycosis and Actinobacillosis:

Cattle: 15 ml per 45 kg bodyweight. Repeat in 7-10 days.



As expectorant:

Cattle and Horses: 10-40 ml once.

Sheep: 5-10 ml once.

Not for use in lactating Dairy Cows, hyperthyroidism, advanced pregnancy and acute metal poisoning.

Meat: 28 days.

Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 30oC.