Goldate 24


Selective systemic herbicide containing 24% (w/v) of oxyflourfen in the form of emulsifiable concentrate

Goldate is a selective contact herbicide absorbed more readily by the foliage (especially the shoots than by the roots) with very little translocation.

- Selective contact herbicide which can be used as weed pre-or post- emergence

- Used to control the annual broad & narrow leaved weeds in many crops like onion, garlic, cereals, maize...etc

- More effective when used alone as pre-emergence to control broad leaved weeds


Application time

Application rate ml/ 200 lit water / du

Preharvest period



When weeds at 2-4 leaf stage and onions at 3-4 realleaf stage

100- 150

30 – 56 days

Annual weeds (narrow and broad leaf)


When garlic length at 10 cm

100- 150



Pome fruit,  Stone fruit

Sprayed directly on the soil and on the base of trees. Should not grub treatment soil as it leads to reduced effectiveness of the pesticide. Avoid contact with the pesticide spray of shoot and after the swelling buds and leaf formation stage


300- 400




Used on new planting trees or small trees (non- fruiting within 1 year) and weeds length less than 10 cm

400- 500



Cabbage, cauliflower

Used on well fermented soil before the transfer of seedlings


200- 300