Glysate 36


Non-Selective herbicide containing 36 % Glyphosate equivalent to 48% (w/v) Isopropylamine Glyphosate salt in the form of soluble concentrate

Non-selective systemic herbicide absorbed by the foliage with rapid translocation throughout the plant. Inactivated upon contact with soil

-  Non-Selective systemic herbicide affecting all plant parts, used to control perennial, annual and biennial narrow and broad leaved.

-  A large portion is absorbed within 6 hours after application. Its maximum killing effect is visible after  two weeks & all treated weeds are damaged within 21 days. Glysate's  may be increased with an increase in relative humidity

-  Rapidly absorbed to soil constituents and degraded within a short period  by microorganisms to form harmless  substances; avoiding crop damage. 


Controlled weeds

Application rate

Fruit tree orchards before planting and non cropped land

Annual and biennial weeds

100-300ml/15-30 lit water/1000m2

Perennial weed and shrubs

750-1500ml/15-30 lit water/1000m2