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Head Office:
AL-Husseini Complex, Zahran Str.,
Tel. +962 6 5354161/91/9
Fax: +962 6 5354949

El-Hassan Industrial Estate, Irbid
Tel. +962 2 7395195
Fax. +962 2 7395225


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  • Mobedco Factory
  • Mobedco Factory
  • Mobedco Factory
  • Mobedco Factory
Welcome To Our Website
The Arab Pesticides & Veterinary Drugs Mfg. Co. (Mobedco) is a pioneering public share holding company that was
established in 1991 at Al Hassan Industrial Estate in Irbid to work in the formulation and production of agrochemicals
(Insecticides, Acaricide, Fungicides, Herbicides, etc) and public health insecticides. Mobedco soon became a
recognized name in this specialized field thanks to its special expertise in developing new and modified formulations
of agrochemicals and public health insecticides....

Our Vision

The Arab Pesticides & Veterinary Drugs Mfg. Co. (Mobedco-Vet) is the preferred manufacturer of agrochemicals and veterinary products for 

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Our Mission 

To provide innovated agrochemicals and veterinary products of high quality to our customers, which meet their needs and exceed their  

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Our Value 

Production of highest quality products to enhance the value of the company in order to become a leader in domestic & regional markets by

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Our Team
  • Mohammad Oweis General Manager
  • Maen AljayyosiExport Manager – Pesticides
    E-mail :
  • Ihab HamadExport Manager – Veterinary
    E-mail :
  • Mohammad Shomal Local Manager – Veterinary
    E-mail :
  • Mohammad Ghawanmeh Local Manager – Pesticides
    E-mail :
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